I am running to regain my seat on the Lynnwood City Council.

I'm not a politician, I'm a public servant, and I have a long history of public service. Before moving to Washington, I served as a code compliance officer in Mohave County, Arizona. In my position, I helped protect the sensitive desert environment from conditions such as illegal dumping and property deterioration.

Once in Lynnwood, I also served as a code compliance officer working to protect the environment and community property values. I served two terms on the Lynnwood City Council from 2002 to 2010.

During my terms on the council, I focused on improving our community, through emergency preparedness, the successful remodel of the recreation center, and establishing guidelines for anticipated growth within the City Center. I also returned to school and now have a Master's Degree in Public Administration.

Lynnwood continues to face challenges. After decades of unprecedented financial prosperity, it is time for the city to learn how to thrive within its means.

Lynnwood must:

· Make the golf course profitable or find someone who can

· Ensure new developments are real assets to the community, not just profit generators

· Diversify its revenues to better prepare for both economic prosperity and decline

· Increase efforts to connect with residents and learn their concerns

It will be an honor to serve you again. Lynnwood must move beyond personal agendas and political aspirations to truly represent the people.


City of Lynnwood Primary Election Forum 2013 Channel


The General Election will be November 5th. Please return your ballot by that date. I'd appreciate your vote.

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