Lynnwood Taxes

The City of Lynnwood is one of many public entities that receives a portion of your taxes.  Voter approved increases and other measures have resulted in Lynnwood currently holding one of the highest sales tax rates in the state.  The recent "perfect storm" of tax increase ballot measures have significantly impacted Lynnwood residents. I work to find solutions to make your tax dollars work harder for you while improving our public services. The key to maintaining and growing our public services is to diversify our revenue sources while simultaneously cutting our expenses.

It is through efficiency, not taxation, that we can maintain strong levels of service

Sales Tax

The City of Lynnwood receives less than 10% of the 10.4% sale tax.  This money goes to city's general fund. The general fund is the main account from which the majority of public services are funded.  This means that our core public services are subject to fluctuation in sales tax revenue.  That is why it is important to diversify our revenue sources.

Data sourced from City’s Comprehensive 2016 Annual Financial Report

Property Tax

The City of Lynnwood receives less than 20% of every dollar of property tax.  This money also goes to city's general fund.  By law, Lynnwood property tax can increase no more than 1% percent per year unless put to a public vote.  For the past several years, the cost to simply maintain our public services has increased at more than 1% per year.  This is another reason I will strive to diversify our revenue sources in the coming term.

Data sourced from City’s Comprehensive 2016 Annual Financial Report

Data from 2017 Snohomish County Assessor Annual Reports for Taxes found at